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  1. Scil Proteins Production to join WACKER creating leading microbial-based biopharmaceutical manufacturer


    Halle, Germany, 12th November 2013 - Scil Proteins Production, a private contract manufacturer of recombinant proteins, today announced that Wacker Biotech GmbH, a subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, has acquired 100% of its shares from the sole holder in the Company, BioNet Ventures GmbH.


Scil Proteins GmbH’s website is currently under construction. You will find our new homepage shortly at


For information with regard to the Affilin® drug discovery and protein engineering services please contact us here.


Scil Proteins Production GmbH joined Wacker Biotech GmbH with effective date 1.1.2014. For information please click here.

If you need information regarding GMP manufacturing and Process Development Services please contact us.

For information related to Wacker Biotech please visit