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Product Development

The modular concept of Affilin® molecules enables the development of multiple drugs by either fusing Affilin® molecules together or by conjugating different effectors to their surface to create target specific Affilin® molecules (known as the Toolbox concept). Thereby, the Affilin® molecules gain new functionalities in addition to their target binding ability. Scil Proteins’ drug development program exploits the multi-specific Affilin® binding ability and the ability to fuse Affilin® molecules with other proteins to develop new targeting drugs. Both approaches represent unique selling points compared to conventional antibody technologies.

Scil Proteins’ strong in-house protein production plays an integral role in the R&D strategy of our proprietary drug development programs. Early integration of manufacturing knowledge in the development of drug candidates ensures that they achieve the industry-standards with respect to developability; saving both time and cost in the development process and transfer to production.

The targeting and the multi-specific binding approach used by Scil Proteins are particularly well-suited for applications in oncology. There is still a very high unmet medical need in numerous oncologic indications; innovative approaches are urgently needed since current treatments have had only limited success in many cancers. Consequently, Scil Proteins’ pipeline has development candidates designed specifically for oncologic indications and the company is keen to further drug development in the therapeutic area.

Henning Afflerbach, CBO

“With our Affilin® technology we provide attractive solutions for innovative drug development programs to our partners.”


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